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Rewards Program

Welcome to Our Great Value Customer Appreciation Rewards Program! If you enjoy shopping, you will love the Rewards Program at Divine Inspiration Styles! It is Very Simple and Easy to join the Rewards Program at Divine Inspiration Styles!

Step 1. Create an Account by clicking on this Account Button at the Top Right of the website!

Step 2. With your Store Account Setup Completed, you are Enrolled! Also, you can Sign Up to Become An Affiliate with Divine Inspiration Styles, Earning and Getting Paid 10% for Every Referral to Friends & Family here: https://www.divineinspirationstyles.com/pages/affiliate.

Step 3. For Every $1000.00 that you Spend in Our Store, you will be Rewarded with a 10% Cash Back! That is, $100.00 back to you!* On top of all your purchase savings! *After 35 days of completing qualified purchase(s) with delivery, and excluding any returned purchases. Meaning, you are fully satisfied with all your qualified purchase(s)!

Step 4. You will receive a Reward Email, as soon as, you have reached the Reward Milestone in Step 3, and your Account has been Verified!

Step 5. You will receive your 10% Cash Back of $100.00 as a Visa Gift Card, with a Special Thank You Note, a Frameable Certificate of Appreciation, or a Frameable Certificate of Recognition for an Awesome Display!


Your Choice for your Gold-Tone or Silver-Tone or Bronze-Tone Trophy from Divine Inspiration Styles! Custom-Made and Personalized with your Name or Favorite Short Phrase on it!

A truly Inspiring Trophy from Divine Inspiration Styles for you to enjoy for many years to come! At Divine Inspiration Styles, we are all about Good Fashion, Good Inspiration, and Good Encouragement for everyone!

Step 6. Every Amount after Every $1000.00 of your Total Purchase, is Always Rolled Over to your Next Reward Milestone with Divine Inspiration Styles! So, you can collect quite a Variety of Trophies from Divine Inspiration Styles to enjoy! You can display them on your table tops, book cabinets, or give them away to your family and friends! Share the good cheer to encourage and inspire everyone to greatness too!

Step 7. You can send your $100.00 Gift Card Reward to anyone that you would like to gift it to, or you can use it to shop again here at Our Store! And, enjoy more of the Great Styles, Savings & Value at Divine Inspiration Styles!

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We truly believe that you will have a Wonderful and a Great Shopping Experience here at Divine Inspiration Styles!

Happy Shopping & Happy Living! 🙂️🎉

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